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OCR Conversion:

We undertake OCR (Optical Character Recognition) jobs at very reasonable rates.

Any OCR and data conversion jobs, national or international are executed by us. With our services, any paper document can be converted to digital documents. Thus you can easily search and find your documents.

Thereby we provide data capturing services, e-book conversion, content management, image editing and data processing services.

We are equipped with sophisticated Hi-end SCSI scanners, and

30000 pages of scanning and document / OCR conversion per month.

We deliver documents at 300/600/1200 DPI according to the customer's requirements, either as raw images or as converted documents (PDF's).

Our serivces include, besides OCR (Optical Character Recognition), PDF conversion, e-document viz. conversion to popular formats like Word, Excel or even to databases such as DBF or Access.

With our dedicated 512 KBPS broadband DSL internet connectivity, we will be able provide our customers quick service. Or else, we provide them in CD formats.

With our team of data conversion experts, we provide extensive solutions for your OCR Conversion requirements.

The following OCR Conversion types are undertaken by us:

OCR - PDF Conversion, E-Book Conversion, Form Processing, Word / Excel Document Conversion and Text Document Conversions.

Image scanning: Scanning at Hi-resolutions 300 dpi or 600 dpi and provide as TIFF or JPEG (JPG).

Native formats : Word, Excel, Access, DBF, RTF, ASCII or even Text files.

Our Document Management Systems enables easy mainteance of documents.

Documents can be securedly electronically sent or can be sent through CD's.

For Bulk OCR conversions, we offer special rates.

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